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Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching - Dedicated Coaching Support to Enhance the Transition of Newly Placed Leader. Conservatively, the average wrong-hire will cost organisation at least 1.2 times a person’s annual salary. Of course an effective recruitment process is essential, but what happens after the employment contracts are signed is doubly important. The initial three to six months of any executive placement can have a huge impact on effectiveness and success. Executive coaching in job transitions can support an executive to put in place the necessary success strategies for rapid effectiveness and early achievement.

Have you considered the following?


  • Who takes responsibility for the on-boarding of a new executive?   

  • How long do you expect new hires to take to get up to speed, and what is the productivity cost during that time?   

  • How do you ensure teams stay productive and engaged while their new manager comes up to speed? 

  • How do you support the new manager so they don’t become a turnover statistic? 

At IngenioCorp Coaching division we suggest all these questions can be answered by appointing an experienced executive coach to work with the person in their first three to six months and benefits;

Executive coaching prior to and within the first three-six months produces:

  • Smooth, rapid transitions into new roles 

  • Effective communication and relationships 

  • Appropriate strategy development, and 

  • Early runs on the board. 

Coaching Focus - Points of focus within the coaching engagement are;


  1. Due Diligence - Sourcing institutional memory across the organisation concentrating on:

    Past  – past contributors to success and perceived impediments or failures 

    Present – present vision, people, and systems 

    Future – future challenges, restraining factors, ideal culture. 

  2. Culture – Bringing to awareness the symbols that represent the organisation and the culture; exploring the norms and assumptions.

  3. Clear Purpose – Identifying the purpose of the new role and where to exert focus.

  4. Relationship Mapping – Bringing awareness to the circle of relationships in the role and how and where to influence constructively.


We will work with you and your new leaders to ensure that they have the tools, resources and the best opportunity to be effective and produce strong, sustainable successful results from the beginning.

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