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Team & Group Coaching

Team - Team coaching is conducted with high-level teams during their regular meetings. It uses the notion of dialogue – the free flow of meaning between people – as its basis. It examines and identifies in the-moment conversational practices that facilitate and/or prevent dialogue.  A team coach works with conversational processes that happen in the moment, coaching people to engage in constructive and productive ways to achieve mutually beneficial results.  


Team coaching is for senior teams that: 

  •  Have specific problems to solve - especially when people are in disagreement 

  • Are effective as a group but under perform as a team  

  • Have come together after a restructure and need to learn to work together 

  • Are new - or where new members have recently become part of an existing team

Outcomes from Team Coaching: 

  • Improved accountability & trust built within teams 

  • Reduced gap between knowledge & practice 

  • Successful outcomes from difficult conversations 

  • Full engagement from all team members 

  • Honest and authentic dialogue flows within the team

  • Improved decision making & meeting results  

Group – Corporate / Executive Group Coaching - works with individuals within a group context.  It’s used to build group skills and accountability or embed learning after the completion of a skills program.   During Corporate Group Coaching participants share their knowledge and support as well as empowering each other in an environment that facilitates practical skills application. 

Group coaching is for:  

  • Coaching groups of employees to achieve individual workplace goals 

  • Encouraging practical implementation after the completion of a skills program

Outcomes from Group Coaching: 

  • Share and propagate knowledge & skills 

  • Build & ensure accountability  

  • Ensure learning is practically applied 

  • Develop successful networks 

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