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Sales Manager Coaching

Sales Manager Coaching - Providing sales managers with skills to empower their team and enhance results.

When the top salespeople are promoted to sales leaders, how can the organisation ensure their performance as leaders; will be as effective as their sales record? Major organisations report that introducing a coaching approach to managing sales teams leads to increased performance and sales.   


The ‘Coaching for Sales Managers’ program is distinct from other training in this field because it is not sales training but coach training in a sales context. We recognise that organisations have existing sales processes, guides and approaches.  The aim of this program is to give managers the coaching skills and practice they need in order to take a coaching approach with their sales people.  When coaching occurs managers gain time, sales people grow and develop and sales increase. 


The program helps Sales Manager to develop;

  • An understanding of the effective use of coaching in a sales management context 

  • An approach to developing their team that includes pre-sales, sales & follow up support 

  • Skills & tools for managing teams remotely 

  • The ability to build relationships of trust with the sales team & other stakeholders 

  • The ability to identify different development needs within their team & coach appropriately 

  • Confidence & ability to give feedback; to “tell it like it is” without jeopardising relationships 

  • The skills to handle difficult conversations 

  • An enhanced ability to empower others 

  • The ability to immediately apply practical coaching tools & skills with their teams. 

We work with our clients to tailor the program to meet their specific needs.  We believe that the best learning is engaging, practical and interactive. We use live coaching demonstration, group activities and guided individual coaching practice. The program is based on adult learning principles and is around 70% practice. Leaders emerge with real skills to apply immediately back into their role.


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