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Retail & Supply Chain

Retail Consulting - At IngenioCorp, we offer a comprehensive series of strategic, functional and technical retail supply chain consulting focused exclusively on retail. Our technology skills, retail knowledge, systems and applications expertise and collaborative approach help clients achieve success. We work with retailers to analyze and identify challenges, implement solutions and embrace change to address today’s business environment. By applying industry best practices in our retail consulting services, IngenioCorp delivers innovative retail merchandising and supply chain management solutions – time after time.


Consulting Experience - Experience matters. IngenioCorp has been implementing, managing, supporting and hosting merchandising and supply chain solutions for years. Our team of trusted consultants and solutions experts has served in many capacities in the retail industry from planners and buyers to senior level consultants and CIOs. Every professional at IngenioCorp is highly qualified to help our clients face the unique challenges of the retail industry by applying practical business solutions that work.


Supply Chain Consulting - IngenioCorp has extensive experience with retail and supply chain management business applications. These include JDA’s E3, Arthur, Intact and other planning, replenishment, allocation, WMS and TMS applications. The supply chain solutions practice at IngenioCorp offers strategic, tactical and operational consulting and systems management services.


IngenioCorp’s Approach - We will help overpass gaps in your supply chain. IngenioCorp can deploy retail supply chain and logistics experts with years of extensive practical experience. We provide the knowledge and resources to assist your team in achieving productivity improvements, performance increases and elimination of unnecessary steps in the supply chain process.


Partnerships - IngenioCorp recognizes that achieving excellence requires comprehensive solutions. We work with leading hardware and software providers to create the ideal solution to meet your business requirements. Valued IngenioCorp business associate partners include: JDA Software Raymark, Symphony EYC, etc.


Certifications - The IngenioCorp retail supply chain consulting team is dynamically tested and evaluated on software, hardware and services to become certified in many critical areas (E.g. Certified IT Project Management Professional – PMP, Seagull GUI Developer, etc.) to help retailers maximize your investments.


We know what you are looking for:

  • Experienced consultants with retail and software services background

  • Dedicated resources to work side-by-side with your IT staff

  • Committed to holding all resources to timeline and milestones

  • Valued third party perspective and expertise – we do not sell software

  • Proven track record implementing leading IT solutions

Offerings include;


Retail Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Strategic IT Planning

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Project Implementation

  • Systems Optimization

  • Integration & Interfaces

  • Modifications & Programming

  • Retail System Training

  • Systems & Software Upgrade

  • Post Implementation Support

  • Quality Assurance 


Supply Chain Consulting

  • Strategic supply chain planning

  • Merchandise planning/forecasting/replenishment, WMS, TMS and visibility (TPM)

  • Business processes, organization & systems

  • Supply chain synchronization assessment/coordination

  • Supply chain performance benchmarking

  • Logistics network planning & optimization

  • Vendor & supplier enablement

  • Organizational assessment & education


Additional Services - IngenioCorp provides the knowledge and resources to achieve productivity improvements, performance increases and elimination of unnecessary steps in the supply chain process. Our consultants work with retailers and offer;


Supply Chain Business Applications

  • Determination of requirements

  • Merchandise planning/forecasting/replenishment, WMS, TMS and visibility (TPM)

  • Evaluation & assessment of viable applications

  • Application selection

  • Implementation & integration support

  • User training


Supply Chain Outsourcing

  • Global supply chain coordination

  • 3PL competitive bid administration & analysis

  • Product flow coordination & management

  • Supplier development & validation

  • Transportation management

  • Import management & coordination


Furthermore, help to develop the appropriate supply chain strategy, assess current business processes, identify gaps, determine applications and provide implementation support of best-of-breed supply chain solutions including: Warehouse Management, On-Demand Warehouse Management, Enterprise Workforce Management, and Transportation Management. IngenioCorp’ skills are highly recognized for Warehouse layout, Warehouse design, Distribution centre operations, Materials handling and Performance & Efficiency. 


Why Warehouse Management? - Supply Chain Warehouse Management solutions help ensure flawless execution, visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers to enable the consistent flow of goods from raw materials to finished products into the hands of buyers. This requires new tools for visibility, agility and control. Our solutions give you greater visibility and control at every stage of the process – across channels, geographies, suppliers and locations. It enables you to sense demand at the store level and calculate inventory levels and timing up through your supply chain to reduce forecast error and safety stock. This reduces costs and waste while improving on-shelf availability. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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