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Quality Compliance IngenioCorp Consultants Bangkok Thailand

Quality - ultimately, quality is an outcome – a characteristic of a product or service provided to a customer, and the trademark of an organization which has satisfied all of its stakeholders. 


Quality Management - quality management is centered on identifying the many stakeholder requirements placed on the organization and ensuring the organization effectively responds to these requirements by insisting and good governance, agile assurance and a culture of change. In other words, achieving that is based on;


  • The development and implementation of an effective system of governance; ensuring “management intent” is clearly defined through policies & processes; and ensuring “management intent” is fit for purpose with respect to the many stakeholder requirements (reflected in legislation, required external standards, shareholder / trustee requirements, customer & supplier requirements, staff requirements etc.)

  • A commitment to assurance, both of how work is being carried out (E.g. process assurance) and the outputs being generated (E.g. Product/service/project assurance etc.)

  • Embedding a culture of continuous evaluation and improvement through the use of qualitative & quantitative measures, root cause analysis and adoption of effective improvement techniques.


Undertaking these quality management activities is central to driving organizational excellence and IngenioCorp Quality & Compliance Management Division and its associate partners have the hands-on experience & expertise to effectively coach / lead your organization in order to correctly interpret the quality standard for your particular application/department/product or service.  We have worked hand-in-hand with a wide variety of clients including companies in various industries & professional societies, have implemented effective Quality Management System (QMS) &/ helped improve their QM practices and understand how quality can help to;


  • Protect reputation – avoiding the potentially catastrophic risks of getting things wrong or identify & manage risk to the business

  • Enhance reputation – optimizing operational effectiveness to maximize value for our clients

  • Improve profitability / value for money – optimizing operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary cost & waste

  • Facilitate a culture of evaluation & improvement – driving change through insight, evaluation &  Improvement

  • Achieve & Improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve & Innovate working methods

  • Ensure corporate care & responsibility


The organizations have ranged in size from very small to very large, with one site or multiple locations.


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Compliance – IngenioCorp Quality & Compliance Management Division and its associate partners is a global Quality & Compliance consultancy team which can leverage its considerable compliance expertise to help clients in various areas like managing business processes & associated costs, identifying, managing & remediation of incidents, review & control for potential regulatory risk arising from compliance violations &/ inadequate supervision, monitoring and reporting in order to meet their local regulatory requirements and industry “best practices”. We can make specific recommendations as to exception reports and related proprietary surveillance and other compliance monitoring systems (both automated & manual).


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Quality Assurance (QA) – is a planned and systematic means of assuring management that the defined standards, practices, procedures, and methods of a process are applied. The most effective way to manage quality cost is to prevent defects in the early stages of a product / service / project’s life cycle. It is always less expensive to detect and fix errors/ defects at the earliest stages than trying to fix them once they have occurred during production.  


IngenioCorp Quality & Compliance Management Division and its associate partners help its clients develop a robust quality system by providing quality assurance services through quality consultants for all kinds of initiatives / projects (development, enhancement, maintenance, testing, production & post production support). Our quality consultants are SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) with several years of process implementation and project facilitation experience.


We help:

  • Detect errors / defects early in the project/product/service life cycle

  • Establish a error/ defect tracking system

  • Establish a quality gate (QG) framework

  • Establish error/defect prevention methods

  • Enable process improvement initiatives

  • Improve the quality of deliverables

Advantages of our services:

  • Improved ability to manage and prevent errors/defects during production / go live

  • Reduced rework & costs

  • Improved productivity

  • Sustained quality of deliverables throughout a system/product/service/project’s life cycle

  • Early detection & fixing of errors / defects in a product / software / service/ project’s life cycle


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