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PMO Advisory & Services

Your Business, Our Experts, Your Results.

We are not an average consulting company. At IngenioCorp PMO Advisory & Services Division, we have developed a completely different and innovative approach to guiding businesses through their toughest challenges. The term “standard process” doesn’t apply here, as we realize each organization is unique, and can benefit from the participation of only the most intelligent and skilled consultants. Our commitment to you is to deliver nothing less.


We pride ourselves on pioneering the concepts of straightforward analysis and utilizing skills inventory screening and intelligence testing to evaluate our prospective consultants. We have also recently debuted the Legacy partnership concept, which goes beyond individual improvement projects, and ensures the continuous improvement cycle becomes woven into the fabric of organizational culture. Strategy is our passion and our reason for being the company we are - we look forward to sharing this with you.


Straightforward Analysis 


Identifying Symptoms - The idea is fairly simple to conceptualize, but often complex to put into action as it requires organizations to rethink traditional problem solving techniques. Problems with a system, process, or project present themselves in the form of symptoms, the same way a cold virus presents itself with a runny nose and fever. The symptom is the most visible indicator that a problem exists, and the symptom is easily identifiable and common to all groups observing it. Because the symptom is so visible, organizations spend a great deal of time treating symptoms of larger problems rather than isolating and treating the problem itself. Straightforward Analysis is concerned exclusively with identifying symptoms, and working with clients to map the symptoms backwards through “perceived causes”, and finally to the most basic, or elementary, cause of the problem. These workshops often reveal simple, non-technical elementary causes that map to dozens of symptoms. We then work with our clients to develop strategies to solve the problems in a manner consistent with stakeholder expectations. 


It is very simple; Symptoms + Synthesis = Solutions


Our consultants are put through extensive training in order to lead Straightforward Analysis workshops and map out improvement projects. An additional positive benefit of Straightforward Analysis is the speed with which the method is employed - days and weeks, not weeks and months. This speed and efficiency is made possible only by the direct nature of the method and the unique characteristics of the consultants who employ it.


Portfolio Management - Anyone who has been in the project management business for awhile has probably come to realize that the term "PMO" can mean different things to different organizations. In an effort to ensure our clients achieve the highest levels of performance from their Project Management Offices, we sought to build this consulting practice around the simplest terms possible. To us, a PMO is a center of excellence for all that relates to the planning, delivery and cultivation of project management services in an organization. Many organizations have come to deliver project management expertise within their organizations, and externally, as a shared service, consistent with the matrix management approach that so many strive to embrace. As professionals, these project managers are expected to deliver consistent results on the projects they manage, and the PMO is responsible for ensuring the appropriate training, processes, and standards are established and employed to achieve these expected results.



Design Strategy - The Project Management Offices we develop with our clients are world-class. We strive for a balanced approach when aiding in the development of a PMO strategy, which reflects our understanding that no two PMOs are exactly the same. Every organization has different needs and expectations from their PMO, so our methods for designing a PMO structure are "requirements-centric", in that we never jump directly into designing and developing the PMO. We first ensure an understanding of the organizational requirements, expectations, and measurements for success - then develop a PMO design strategy around those requirements. 


PMO Industry Specificity - Additionally, we have developed a concept of PMO Industry Specificity which we employ when working with our clients to develop a design strategy and staffing plan. Industry specificity addresses the facts that not only are no two PMOs exactly alike, but no two projects are exactly alike either. Industry and project specific requirements often drive the manner in which project management practices are delivered. For instance, a project manager on an agile development project would need to have a different set of skills than would a project manager on an IT infrastructure project. The effects of industry specificity are deeply addressed in our PMO design strategies, and positively reflected in our clients' results. 


Once all the above is done then our selected Project Management Office (PMO) defines and maintains the standards of process within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. The PMO is the source of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution. The PMO serves as a resource to the company to ensure that projects within any department or division are managed the same way and are working toward the same goals. This leads to greater efficiency, a reduced instance of project failures, and a bigger bottom line. Our World-class PMOs will base project management principles on accepted, industry standard methodologies such as PMI, ITIL and PRINCE2. Influential industry certification programs such as ISO9000 as well as government regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley have propelled organizations to standardize processes, and to exert overall influence and evolution of thought to continual organizational improvement. 


In addition – we provide;


Strategic Analysis – Corporate strategy and planning often reminds us of those pictures you look at for a long time, and if you look at it just right and you see a sail boat, or something to that effect. Look at it too long, or from one perspective instead of another, and you don’t see the sail boat. In an effort to help organizations see the sail boat, we provide the proverbial “second set of eyes”. Due to the complex nature of strategy & decision support at the executive level, there are only a small number of individuals at our company that we trust to provide these services whom we refer to as Strategic Generalists. The success stories our Strategic Generalists have helped to facilitate within our client organizations are plentiful, and span virtually every industry in existence. We’ve helped to craft long range IT system implementations, and more. 


The backlogs of our Strategists fill up quick, so feel free to contact us to find out how one of these talented individuals can help your organization see the picture.


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