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PM Training

Committed project management teams accomplish more-and one way to ensure their commitment is to involve them in the planning process. PM Training team provides project team members the right skills and knowledge to participate. As a part of our PM Consulting Services we offer PM Methodology, PM Software & facilitator training for all stakeholders from team members to managers, project sponsors to customers. We also have advanced PM Training classes for experienced managers and individuals involved in project office development.


PM Training fills the PM knowledge gap between team members and provides a consistent approach for use by the entire team. Our PMI Certified experts use a state-of-the-art program to pose practical challenges, cultivate strong working relationships and arm client teams with tools they can put to immediate use. They will be well equipped to participate in creating comprehensive project plans, implementing disciplined processes for maintaining those plans, and utilizing management reviews to ensure deliverables are completed in a timely manner.


PM Duration-Driven | Planning & Control – This training course teaches practical management techniques that will prepare participants to develop and update plans for their projects. Group exercises enhance the learning experience and allow students to discuss with the expert how the general techniques they’ve learned can be adapted to the unique characteristics of their own projects.


PM | Team Communication Dynamics – This training program uses the DiSC® framework to address three of the most common challenges that teams face: motivation conflict, and communication.  Participants learn simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in a team’s effectiveness.


PM | Advanced Microsoft Project – Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Project to successfully plan and control their projects-in a way that is compatible with sound project management practice. The program is a follow-up to our two-day course, PM Duration-Driven | Planning & Control, teaching students how to use Microsoft Project software and apply the general project management techniques taught in the two-day program. Both programs incorporate the same case studies and follow a similar progression of subject matter.


Advanced Project Planning & Control Facilitation – In this training course, participants will learn to successfully facilitate the creation of project charters, work breakdown structures, network diagrams and updated project plans using proven group facilitation techniques. The expert will model detailed approaches, then give students multiple opportunities to practice the skills presented using the structured exercises contained in the course materials. Students receive specific, applicable feedback in each exercise. Due to the highly interactive nature of this class, class size is limited to 10 students.


Project Risk Management – This training course teaches students how to identify, analyze, plan, and manage project-related risks. Course participants will learn the difference between real project risks and project areas that require more research. Exercises and case studies are used to reinforce the information covered in class. Team assignments confirm the students’ understanding of the principles covered and their ability to apply the techniques demonstrated.


Advanced Planning & Control | with Microsoft Project – Course participants will learn how to use Microsoft Project to plan and control complex projects that incorporate multiple phases and advanced precedence relationships and involve typical update challenges-including activities performed out-of-sequence and schedule slippage. They’ll see demonstrations of intermediate milestones (Slack Gates) as a control mechanism to preserve slack in the later stages of the project plan. A project dashboard, schedule metrics and variance analysis are illustrated to support the project governance process. Finally, they’ll see examples of the format and use of typical project control reports-including project status memos, supervisor metrics, and near-critical activity reports.


Advanced Resource & Cost Management | with Microsoft Project – Students in this project management training course will learn how to use Microsoft Project to manage resources and costs both on individual projects and across multiple, independent projects that draw from a shared resource pool. They’ll learn multiple techniques for resolving resource overloads, including resource leveling. In addition, they’ll learn how to account for cash in-flows (revenues, investments, and/or cost savings) and will use Microsoft Project to perform break even analyses.


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