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Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Vs Coaching - Ideally a mentor has experience in your field of practice, so they can guide you based on their own experience. A mentor is usually older and wiser; they have “been there and done that” and you can benefit from their previous experience. A coach, however, is not a subject matter expert necessarily, but is expert in the process of coaching; asking the right questions and challenging you to achieve your highest potential.  


Mentor - The role of the mentor is to provide insight, and to guide and advise you in your development to reach your highest potential. Mentors typically assume the role of the wise adviser based on their own personal/professional experience and may act as a mentor on long or a short term basis. The mentor is not usually responsible for a mentee’s performance, but through experience can help fast track their learning, provide valuable insights, and support them to avoid the pitfalls in their current or new role. 


Mentor Training – Whether you are an individual looking to improve your skills as a mentor, or seeking training for a group of Mentors in your organisation our mentor training could be the solution.


Mentoring Programs:


Organisational Mentoring – Within organisational settings, mentoring is a commonly employed strategy for developing talent and sharing and maintaining organisational knowledge. We work with clients to establish mentoring programs that meet their needs in terms of content, training, structure and formality.


Individual Mentoring – This program can help individuals achieve greater clarity around your existing role and career direction, or simply achieve a particular business outcome, or perhaps a bit of support in your social &/ business life.


Audience - Our programs suit people &/ organisations with a variety of needs. E.g. some participants are new to mentoring and want to learn how to ‘do it’, some are already experienced in mentoring and want to verify, develop and refine what they already do. Some are ‘internal’ mentors within their organisation, some are ‘external’ mentors, and some are responsible for in-house, organisational mentoring programs. 


Furthermore; during our Group Enrichment Mentoring (GEM’s) we do provide an opportunity for groups of managers, team leaders, co-coordinators, workers, teams to share and reflect together, using a structured facilitated process, that ensures each participants knowledge is utilized, valued, and a supportive, strength focused group is established.


Our program covers;


  • The history of Mentoring

  • An Introduction to Mentoring (What mentoring is and is not)

  • Mentoring is a Journey

  • Mentoring Models & Frameworks

  • Mentoring Skills & Tools (The understanding skills, tools to be an effective mentor)

  • The Mentoring Conversation

  • And more…..

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