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Marc Werder
Member of the Board
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Taanakit Intharaudom
Member of the Board
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Udom Hungspruke
Member of the Board
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Managing Director:  Andreas Santhi Rellstab

Delivering value through innovation in a timely manner is central to how IngenioCorp helps solve your most complex challenges.


IngenioCorp management has a track record of delivering a powerful combination of

  • strategic consulting

  • cutting-edge technical know-how capabilities

  • coaching

  • exploring creativity & transformative ideas

  • advanced business transformation & knowledge


We have worked alongside many clients, served them as their essential partners, conducting business with integrity & adherence to the highest ethical standard and helped solve their toughest problems.


Our legacies in management enables us to see beyond the requirements of a single client engagement to address the broader context of client’s mission and business goals.



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