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IngenioCorp Logistics Division is a team of world class IngenioCorp’ consultants and its logistics associate providers. As top quality logistics team, we cater for a full range of services within the supply chain.


As logistics team, we consult to and implement logistical solutions for our clients.  Our division’s success is based on the fact that our logistics consultants and associate providers are industry experienced logistics professionals and able to provide and implement practical results. 


IngenioCorp Logistics Division’ reputation as leader in warehouse design, transport and supply chain planning advice has been developed over many years. Members of the IngenioCorp Division team of logistics consultants have carried out projects of all kinds to achieve best solutions in warehouse layout, logistics planning, transport efficiency. Industries such as building materials, foodstuffs, apparel, pharmaceutical, automotive, rural, and others have benefited from the skills of IngenioCorp Logistics Division Team.


Logistics Division’s Mission – To provide and implement cost effective logistical solutions


Logistics Management Consulting Services – IngenioCorp provides a full range of logistics consulting services within the logistics chain. The logistics consulting services are based on proven methodologies that take into account the processes of the business and their impact on logistical issues, barriers, legal constraints, and profitability in the short medium and longer terms.



  • Warehouse Design and Productivity

  • Inventory Management

  • Transport and Freight Management

  • International & Regional Freight and Customs Advice

  • Procurement

  • Logistics Channel Design


IngenioCorp has a wealth of experience in logistics management services. Our logistics management services consultants and associate providers have undertaken numerous projects across all industry types like Banking & Finance, IT & Telecommunications, Communications, Retail, Automotive, Government, Transport, etc. and have been employed in major projects. Distribution Centre design, Warehouse design and manufacturing layouts are specialties of IngenioCorp. These apply to new establishments and can also be directed to the upgrade of existing operations. 


Our warehouse consultants prepare designs to installation quality accompanied by work specifications. IngenioCorp Logistics Division team conduct logistics strategy exercises of many kinds to identify and develop best solutions for physical distribution. Furthermore, transport consultants and supply chain specialists in planning studies, 3PL outsourcing options, central versus regional networks, inventory control and warehouse productivity reviews are all offered by IngenioCorp.


Studies include key performance measures (KPIs), picking productivity and supply chain planning solutions. From offices in Bangkok, Switzerland and the USA, IngenioCorp conduct exercises of all types throughout Australasia, Europe and America. Introductory meetings are held to decide on the scope of the proposed work. An obligation free submission is then prepared and reviewed to establish the way forward for IngenioCorp’ services. Then it is on with the task of supply chain planning, warehouse design, fleet strategy or 3PL outsourcing in anticipation of the resultant findings and benefits.


Logistics Division’s Approach

IngenioCorp Logistics Division operates “partnership” arrangements with its clients, jointly developing recommendations that will improve their logistics. The IngenioCorp Logistics approach to undertaking all projects is based on the following principles:


  • People - All of our consultants at IngenioCorp Logistics Division have had experience in line management and logistics. Our people are practitioners not theorists.

  • Practical Experience - Our logistics consultants and associate providers ensure that the right experience is utilized on the project. Simply, we place the right consultants on the job.

  • Client Involvement - Solutions are implemented by working in conjunction with our client’s management.  This requires our consultants and associate providers to have a physical presence at our client’s premises for the life of the project. At IngenioCorp Logistics Division, teamwork is encouraged as well as an ownership of the project by the client’s key management. 

  • Project Focus - The IngenioCorp Logistics Division Management focus is aimed at ensuring that our clients provide their customers with a high level of service at minimal cost.  

  • Measureable Results Through Implementation - Our logistics consultants & associate providers have acted for numerous companies across all industry types.  Success is based on results that can be measured and implemented.  All the projects undertaken by our logistics team provide practical solutions that they implement.

  • Customer Service Improvement Through Logistics - Logistics is an integral part of ensuring customer service standards. Service channel must involve all aspects of the supply chain to ensure on time and intact deliveries to the customer.  All changes should be measurable by their impact on profit performance.

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