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IT Management Services

IT Management Services IngenioCorp Bangkok Thailand

With our in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, we are well placed to help organizations evaluate their businesses and plan ahead for the future. We can analyze the effectiveness of current processes, identify IT challenges, propose solutions and develop a robust business case for new IT investments. When specific IT projects are conceived, we can define the system and network requirements, estimate project costs and help you ensure that anticipated benefits are realized. ​


We add value to your organization by helping you to;


  • Develop an ambitious, but achievable, vision for the future, informed by a thorough knowledge of business best practices and the latest technologies

  • Fabricate IT strategy plans at an appropriate level of detail to explain your vision, internally and externally

  • Facilitating development of business strategies and plans - whether for the whole organization, a division, or to address a particular issue or opportunity

  • Guiding the development of business cases for strategic initiatives

  • Guiding implementation planning

  • Implementing strategic change

  • Guiding the senior executive and steering groups on implementation of organization change

  • Put in place a coordinated, holistic approach to address the strategic objectives

  • Facilitation of workshops, groups and teams

  • Plan specific IT projects by defining the business requirements, systems and network architecture, and scoping out the IT, resource and investment needs

  • Plan integration solutions to ensure the interoperability of existing and new systems

  • Apply professional project management methodologies and plans to ensure the successful realization of your IT strategy

  • Align your IT portfolio of programmes and projects to wider strategy and help prioritize based on value

  • Ensure the successful implementation of new business processes and IT systems, whether these projects are large, small, local, international or multidisciplinary

  • Support the relationships between the project team and the rest of the organization, aiding communication about project milestones

  • Employ best practice project management techniques to improve the governance and control of projects

  • Maximize the value delivered by projects

  • Mitigate risk exposure and manage any issues properly

  • Develop, refine or reinvent your organization strategy to address new and emerging market and industry challenges

  • Align your business processes and IT systems with organization / corporate strategy

  • Restructure departments and teams, to improve your ability to meet strategic objectives

  • Better understand your organization / corporate social responsibility and put practical measures in place to minimize your environmental impacts

  • Identify and then minimize business risk

  • Identify sub-optimal business processes and develop comprehensive, strategic plans for how best to improve them

  • Evaluate comparable and alternative business process improvement technologies to determine the most appropriate for your organization

  • Steer the business transformation, through effective project management and clear communication

  • Deploy solutions to measure and monitor business process optimization over time, to facilitate continuous business improvement

  • Support employees with training and coaching.

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