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Food & Beverage

IngenioCorp’s F&B Division is a food, restaurant & hospitality consultancy with numerous projects throughout Europe, S.E. Asia, and America for a few years - our team of SME (Subject Matter Experts) have provided strategic planning, spatial planning, operational solutions in the development of food areas (Café Courts, Food Courts, Dining destinations, Waterfronts, Airports, Hotels, Mixed Used Developments, Restaurants and Fresh Food Markets.).


Our reputation has been built upon the delivery of innovative master planned F&B solutions for a range of developments which include noteworthy dining grounds. We are a true specialist consultancy team focusing on F&B master planning theory creation and seller support projects across the sphere. Our international experience includes several flagship projects in various locations.




1. Food & Beverage Master Planning - IngenioCorp’s F&B Division leads the diligence in its strategic loom to master planning world class F&B precincts. Our abilities lie in establishing sustainable volumes through financial modelling; creating an F&B mix reflective of market demographics and a spatially planned environment that maximizes efficiencies and utilisation. This big picture approach establishes the project’s credibility as an F&B destination aimed at maximising market share and asset maximization.


 Understanding the project

• Forecasting of sustainable volumes and GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid is a

• Position the F&B offering

• Spatial planning and massing

• Expression of interest campaign

• Management controls

• Opening and post-opening operational reviews


2. Theory Development – IngenioCorp’s F&B Division has experience in all aspects of F&B including hotels, name & small restaurants, all day dining destinations, clubs, bars, lounges, cafes, leisure centres and food court outlets. Our practice follows a journey from conceptualization through to recognition, with clear identification of projected outcomes at the start and the end result being a one-of-a-kind creative & innovative solution. Our projects benefit from IngenioCorp’s consultants & associate partners experience, creativity and a thorough consideration of current and emerging F&B trends. We think creatively, open to ideas / theories & concepts and take them seriously. 



•  Theory assessment

•  Theory formation

•  Theory steps forward

•  Theory execution

3. Seller Support – IngenioCorp’s F&B Division undertakes customised operational reviews to deliver a range of F&B solutions for optimizing sales performance. Our consulting process evaluates the existing operations against best practice standards of an equivalent operator within its class, appraises against present and emerging industry trends.


Operational & CP Analysis – As part of our standard practice in the retail cycle we always do perform an operational & Concise Performance analysis (OCPA) in order to;


A. Provide fresh, innovative ideas to breed business growth, build opportunities to boost tangible profits and make the most of sales all the way through assessment and examination of the following;


a.  Brand awareness & impact

b.  Signage, ticketing, menu planks, Point Of Sales (POS) & Communication

c.  Customer service

d.  Merchandise presentation & quality

e.  Environmental hygiene includes food handling & safety

f.   Menu structure includes pricing, food costs, day part coverage & profit

g.  Counter presentation, arrangement & stream

h.  Visual merchandising

i.   Promotional & seasonal campaign opportunities


B. Reviewing specific areas of business operations that influence sales and profitability. The result is to give the Operator & asset/centre management with a snapshot report of findings (segmented into people, product, presentation & promotions) and an instant action plan to advance the presentation & performance of the business.


4. Workshops - To assist sellers/vendors/retailers/operators maximise revenue and enhance their positioning. We do offer the range of workshops as follows;




•  Current & International trends for F&B businesses

•  Sales drivers -  to maximise sales opportunities covering all day parts

•  Visual Merchandising - creating vibrant displays, using props & equipment,
    ticketing, signage and promotions.


5. Menu Reviews - This service involves reviewing the original menu as per the current lease in addition to reviewing proposed additional requested items to ensure all menu items fall within the permitted usage. The assessment of the enhanced menu will cover:


•  Idea / concept authenticity - product relevance & suitability

•  Day part menu choices (breakfast, lunch, catering & snacks)

•  Price point choices (something for every budget)

•  Analysis of competing goods / usage in comparison to existing sellers

•  Reduce & eliminate core merchandise duplication

•  To control & specialise menu offer in line with permitted use section


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