Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is increasingly recognized as one of the most effective ways to create dynamic, focused organisations and foster executive development. We believe executive coaching is a three-way relationship between the coach, counterpart and the counterpart’s organisation.


Like other forms of coaching, our executive coaching methodology is based on a collaborative relationship that uses an adult learning framework to help executives, business professionals, and high potential managers; Identify and remove those interferences that limit their life & career executive development, be more effective within their organisation and lead business change initiatives and assist in career planning of their own people.


We offer a collection of custom-designed programmes based on a company’s emerging or training including a method of assessment that aims at producing swift models and at forecasting results while offering specialized coaching of any implementation throughout all the functions involved in the company.


Offerings are;

  • Leadership

  • Strategy Development

  • Business Alignment

  • Business Capabilities

  • Business Performance

  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Management

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Career Planning

  • Business Improvement

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Time Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills

  • Powerful Influencing & Dealing with Difficult People

  • Stress Resilience & Work Life Balance

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