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Customized PM Solutions

PM Base Camp

We know from experience that implementing structured project planning and control techniques can be difficult. They’re a departure from the norm for many organizations, and resistance to change should be expected—and even planned on.  Shifting the practices within your project team or project office will take a measured approach and the support of experienced project management consultants. The need for advanced project management expertise becomes even more critical when managing strategic projects, which are complex, high visibility, and often carry significant financial impact for your organization.


Companies have varying levels of project management knowledge, which is why a “one-size-fits-all” approach won’t work. It doesn’t recognize differences in project types, management and staff capabilities, and organizational culture. Our project management consultants not only are excellent facilitators; they’re also well trained and experienced in recognizing these differences and providing customized project management solutions to overcome them.


PM Base Camp – When you launch a pilot project with PM Base Camp, we’ll get your project team trained and practicing our comprehensive project planning methodology in just a few short days. And you’ll quickly see how bringing IngenioCorp PM Division onboard will provide long-term value to your organization.


You need PM Base Camp if:


  • You need help correcting a troubled project already under way

  • You have a project that would benefit from an organized launch

  • You’re beginning a new project and would like a firsthand look at the impact 

PM Base Camp is a cost-effective project launch program that packages the training, consulting and tools you need to get your project either back on track or headed down the right path for success. In addition to enabling your team to quickly participate in the development of a project schedule in a compressed timeframe, you’ll also get an immediate view of the project’s status before making further investment in time, resources and money.


PM Base Camp can be customized to include;


  • One two- day of Project pre-planning with Senior IngenioCorp staff

  • One two-day flagship PM course – Duration-Drive Planning & Control


And Either


  • One two- day of mentoring training & three days of project planning


  • Three days of project planning


All depends on how you want us to proceed, if you are planning to have us control the project or you control it yourself.




  • Core Team Trained in a Proven Methodology

  • Project Charter

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • High-Level Project Plan


Now what’s Next? – Well, you have got an understanding of your project’s status, you know the critical path necessary to meet the deadline, you have got your project team up to speed, and you have an initial plan. What you do with that plan may be the difference between success and failure. Following your PM Base Camp project launch with the IngenioCorp PM Division proprietary control process helps you stay on track—carrying out your initial plan down to the last detail. Status memos, control presentations, custom reports and hold team members accountable for their activities. And, proven metrics make sure you always know the health of your projects.



For more information feel free to contact us.



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