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Counselling services

Counselling – Our counsellors offer confidential counselling services and the guiding principles of our counselling services are to help clients to achieve their goals, be supportive & responsive, Respect Cultural differences and minimize harm associated with potentially damaging behaviours.


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  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Adolescent & Adult Counselling

  • Community & Educational Problems (E.g. Anxiety, Anger, Loneliness, Depression, etc.)

  • General Counselling

  • Grief & Palliative Counselling

  • Family Counselling

  • Social Relationships Counselling

  • Relationships Counselling

  • Financial Counselling (E.g.  Debt Recovery, Financial management, etc.)


If the area of speciality that is required is not listed above, we will assist in putting you in contact with a suitable practitioner / expert / candidate who can offer you the particular support you need. In addition; services that related to a mental health concern (e.g.  Severe anxiety or depression) shall be forwarded to an appropriate Medical Practitioner.


Organisational Services 


Our Workplace team of professional Counsellors are experts in all workplace related matter and bring together a wealth of experience, skills and insights from a range of different industries and disciplines. Our team can offer an array of specialist counselling, training, etc. services that can help you build resilience and competency within your organisation, mitigate risk and resolve any immediate issues you may be experiencing within the workplace. In addition to the core counselling and administrative team IngenioCorp in the workplace also has a team of interim Counsellors available to work on key projects and an in-house administrative team that can provide online training and counselling solutions.


Resolving Conflicts & Disputes - Every organisation encounters difficulty and conflict with individuals, within teams and even across the business at some stage. Conflict is natural but managing it is not always so! Sometimes issues cannot be resolved internally and involving an external party is the most effective strategy to manage the situation. IngenioCorp’ Counsellors provide a range of tailored counselling, training and assessment strategies to promote an environment in which people work together more effectively.


Team Interventions - It can be difficult for management to work out just what is going on within a team or workgroup that is not functioning properly and seems to have endless issues arising. Bringing in an outside person able to apply a fresh set of eyes and ears and a range of diagnostic tools can be a valuable way to come up with practical strategies to get the individuals and the team back on track. We do offer the following services;


  • Workplace or Cultural Audits & Assessments (Workplace Health Checks): An effective way to uncover any hidden issues by meeting with individual staff and then coming up with practical ways for management to deal with issues and move the team forward.

  • Facilitated Meetings: Bringing parties together in a less formal way than mediation can be an effective way to get the issues on the table and collectively agree on solutions. 

  • Workplace Mediation: Independent facilitator taking parties in conflict through a set process that assists them to identify issues, options and agreement on resolution. 

  • Coaching for Managers and Individuals: One on one support and guidance for managers so they can more effectively deal with sorting out conflict amongst their staff and guidance for individuals so they can best manage themselves in challenging situations. 

Bullying Response Services - Dealing with bullying or harassment can be challenging. The issues are often personally and legally complex and if not handled well the implications for individuals and the organisation can be significant. We have a range of services that can assist management to deal with these issues at all levels, there are as follows;


  • Workplace Mediation: If both parties agree to be involved, this can be an effective alternative to the more formal approach of an investigation or after an investigation that has not resolved the problem, it can be a means to bring the parties together. 

  • Independent Workplace Investigations (bullying, harassment, discrimination and grievances): By the time an issue gets to the formal complaint stage, the personal and organisational consequences and risks are running high. Engaging an independent external investigator can be a smart move to ensure that the process is fair and thorough and able to withstand scrutiny. 

  • Coaching for Managers: We can provide advice to managers on the options and strategies to deal with bullying and harassment issues for all stages of the complaint process. 

  • Facilitated Meetings: Can be an alternative to a more formal process and is often productive after an investigation to bring the parties together and clarify ways of moving on. 

Other Consulting Services


  • Diversity Action Plans: We can work with you to develop a strategic framework that will take into account organisational culture, staffing, systems, resources, legislative requirements and business goals. We will identify any barriers to progressing diversity and devise a way forward that will be collaborative and positively influence your organisations culture and future direction. 

  • Human Rights Charter Implementation: Relevant to public authorities who may need assistance in revising existing policies and developing new policies to ensure compliance with the Charter. 

  • Policy, Program Development and Review: The legislation relevant to rights and responsibilities in the workplace is constantly evolving and can be quite complex. It is important that organisations ensure their policies and processes are regularly reviewed to ensure they are current and legally compliant. 

  • Leadership Programs: Conflict between individuals and within teams can be a huge cost to all concerned when left unchecked. Good interpersonal skills are critical if managers are to create healthy environments in which to lead their people who need to be given the tools and capabilities to perform their role with confidence and success. 

  • Role Clarification & Role Coaching: Through conversations, offers role incumbents the opportunity to understand how their role is operating in the broader systems of the organisation, the barriers to taking full authority within their roles and the enablers to full authority within role. Sometimes uses 'role drawings' to encourage reflection. 

OUT Placement Services - IngenioCorp in the Workplace provides a range of coaching, consulting, counselling and training services to support and assist individuals and groups of employees through their career transition. Programs can be customized to suit the organisation, industry and individual and cover topics such as job search techniques, networking, resume building skills, interview preparation and career coaching.

What to Expect – Our counselling sessions are always focused on what the client wants to achieve, including;

  • Developing an accurate understanding of why you are participating in counselling

  • Understanding the barriers and opportunities that you face

  • Support to overcome the difficulty being experienced and create the change needed in your life, relationship, workplace or family.

Availability – Our Counsellors offer flexible appointment times, including after-hour and weekend appointments.


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