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Corporate Coaching Mentoring IngenioCorp Consultants Bangkok Thailand


IngenioCorp Coaching division and its associate providers are at the forefront of re-shaping leadership development for the future. In the new fast-paced life, technology-connected workplace, leadership is no longer an individual activity. A leader’s success depends on others succeeding. Leaders emerge from a collective process of networks and alliances. IngenioCorp Coaching division calls that Associated Leadership and we are working very closely with our clients to develop the first generation of associated leaders. 


The associated leader understands and harnesses the overlapping network of relationships and conversations that, woven together, shape a workplace/society/community culture. They facilitate and enhance the flow of information and knowledge throughout an organisation / a society / a community, to create collaborative and connected workplaces & communities where other leaders emerge easily and seamlessly to fit the requirements of the moment. In this new, networked organisational context, we focus our leadership development on building give-and-take relationships within an extended network in order to achieve a strategic goal. It creates a more systemic and distributed form of leadership, which is a new requirement of agile organisations / institutes / communities.


We understand the need of attracting and retaining the most talented people. When you engage the IngenioCorp Coaching division, you have a partner. Impeccable integrity is our guiding principle; we care deeply about our clients, will honor our word, and be trustworthy in our work and generous with our time. We will work closely with you to deliver bespoke leadership development services (e.g. Coaching, Mentoring, etc.) that will grow exceptional leaders for your organisation / institute or community.


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The IngenioCorp Coaching division and its associate providers offer bespoke mentoring programs for organisations/institutes/communities/universities/ and individuals. We do have a fully Group Enrichment Mentoring (GEM’s) and / or One on One program on Mentoring Skills in the Workplace that can be completed in 5-6 hours/group | 3-4/individual, including time to reflect on participants learning as they go.


These programs are designed to be practical and interactive. Participants will be invited to engage in a number of activities to assist their learning and they will be able to apply the skills they learn immediately. Our programs will give participants a practical understanding of mentoring and the skills and tools they need to be a confident and effective mentor. At the completion of the program, participants will be presented with a brief assessment that will test their learning.


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IngenioCorp Coaching division and its associate providers are leading local network of counsellors and psychologists. Our mission is to provide the highest quality individual, group, relationship and organisational counselling. Our passion is to assist people in enhancing their psychological wellbeing alongside maintaining healthy relationships, peer to peer collaboration and business & social life. 


Every Counsellor in our network is a leader in his/her chosen field and is passionate about helping clients with any difficulty they may face. One of the key skills all they have is being able to understand the psychological factors that are undermining a person’s wellbeing, and supporting them to overcome these challenges and feel at ease.


We work collaboratively, supporting clients to work towards a positive, happier, and more proactive, effective, successful and peaceful future. We understand that meeting a counsellor for the first time is a big step and you may be concerned with finding the right person who is capable of not only meeting your needs but your privacy, which is why all our counsellors we have signed confidentiality agreement with us.


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