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Coaching Programmes

IngenioCorp Coaching division and its associate providers give people the freedom to use their talents, skills and experience while at the same time ensuring clear goals are in place and outcomes are achieved.


Our programmes are designed to equip people with the latest skills requirements in the real social & business life environments and help people in becoming more effective leaders of their own life, teams, people and helps significantly progress their development. Crafted to give participants a strong foundation of the subject area (e.g. Leadership) participants can take away the insights gleaned from the IngenioCorp Coaching Programmes and apply to their daily work and life for peak performance.



  • Your aim is apply them to your current position or to move to another challenge in your life & career, the IngenioCorp Coaching Programmes will give you the necessary knowledge to make your aspirations a reality

  • Your organisational goals are - delivering improved results, demonstrating greater innovation, and solving problems creatively, negotiating & communicating effectively - our tailor made solutions will help your organisations achieve tangible performance and productivity gains

  • It involves a small change to an existing program or a fully tailor-made course, we use a consultative approach doubled with a result-oriented and value-adding analysis


Coaching Programmes are:

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