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Career Ingeniocorp Consultants Bangkok Thailand

The way we think and act is reflective of our ancestors, and the words they spoke years ago proven minute by minute of our lives; "It’s all about the people and success is depend upon crucial timeliness of the advice you give or take." We delight ourselves on being collaborative, innovative, authentic, we concern passionately about our work and each other. We are devoted to personal, professional growth, strongly believe that mixture of people and their know-how is one of our utmost strengths.


Our innovative approach and collaborative working style bring astonishing opportunities for colleagues at all levels to make an immediate impact. We grant consultants | facilitators a lot of responsibility quickly and client interactions early on in their careers. We do innovative work, our clients present us high praise for our honest communication style, the worth of our work, the domino effect we deliver, and our capability to work with them shoulder to shoulder.


While we continue to look ahead and become accustomed to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs, the defining characteristics of our culture are constants—shaped by our ancestors. Building on their principles that by doing good, we will do well, we deem in supporting the teams, groups, communities, organizations where we work and live. We are dedicated to sustainability and actively support member of staff volunteerism and pro-bono efforts.


IngenioCorp offers the opportunity to work with talented people across a varied set of organizations, solving interesting and important problems for clients. It’s a challenging and rewarding career, but admittedly it’s not for everyone. We recognize that the ingredients for success are different for each individual, also we are steadfast to providing the resources needed for lifelong learning, professional fulfillment, and long-term success.


Our goal is to attract the best talent. While there is no single model or standard for IngenioCorp - our employees, they do share some common attributes. Our consultants | facilitators typically have a strong academic record, robust analytical and qualitative skills as well as superior problem solving abilities. They succeed on challenge, are collaborative by nature, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and are true to who they are.


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