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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Successful organisations / institutes / communities / universities understand the financial and organisational benefits of supporting employees / students to develop their career.


We can work with you to develop and deliver career coaching for individuals (Employees / Students) looking to plan their career, workshops for managers looking to gain confidence & skills in holding effective career conversations with their team and students wishing to learn about a real life work place, giving students a chance to comprehend a true business professional working environment, accountability, responsibility, skills & behavioral requirements & expectations, working effectively, independently and productively under pressure as a true leader. 


Career Coaching can ensure:


  • How to apply academic learning into practice

  • Talented individuals travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation 

  • High performance is delivered in chaotic times 

  • Poor or "adequate" performance is minimized 

  • Effective career conversations are held with managers and their team 

  • Return on investment through employee engagement and productivity.

Successful coaching requires a collaborative approach, with the coach as a facilitator of change.  As in any organisational coaching arrangements, our career coaches use a systematic, solution-focused process of getting clear on objectives, brainstorming options, taking action and reflecting.  Coaching around career choices benefits from intensive and structured sessions over two to four (2-4) weeks, designed to suit the needs of the client. 


Outcomes from Career Coaching:


  • Self Esteem & Assertiveness skills

  • Recognition of Personal abilities Vs Appropriate Career choices 

  • Retain high potentials by ensuring they progress through roles within the organisation which are suitably challenging and  rewarding   

  • Transition poor or simply adequate performers who find a better fit in other roles within or outside the organisation 

  • Support individuals to plan and manage their career in times of change 

  • Support individuals where there are very few obvious options for progression 

  • Support individuals who have been identified to leave the organisation resulting from a restructure 

  • Equip individuals to take proactive responsibility for their own career development on an ongoing basis 

  • Give "life" to career development documents 

  • Promote open dialogue around career and progression with managers and peers.

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